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"Our biggest regret is not finding out about Opus One sooner!" See what our clients have to say about our residential and commercial construction services.
Verified Review
“Our biggest regret is not finding out about Opus One sooner!”
Our kitchen remodel was midstream when we realized we didn’t obtain adequate permits and our original contractor turned out to be unlicensed. That’s when we reached out to Opus One. RJ spent several hours on the phone with us discussing solutions, brainstorming, and guiding us through next steps. He even came to our home with one of his contractors, Josue, to see the work already performed and help us get our heads around the cost, time, and potential issues with completing the job. They did all of this knowing we had already spent so much on the job that we couldn’t afford to go with Opus. If there’s one thing to know about Opus One, it’s: they care!!! In a local environment full of contractors taking advantage of people, they are responsive, honest, compassionate, and supportive!! Our biggest regret is not finding out about Opus One sooner!!! Again, RJ / Josue and the entire Opus One Design team, thank you tremendously, and you should be proud of the work you do.
– A. Llano

Verified Review
“Would definitely recommend”
Both RJ and Russell were great to work with for my bathroom remodel. They kept me up to date thru the entire process and made sure that the finishing touches were perfect. Would definitely recommend hiring them for your next project!
– Mary T.
Verified Review
“He runs that place like a military organization”
Couldn’t ask for a better experience. I can’s say everything went perfect. We had material shipping issues and some weather delays, and even though it was not an issue that Opus could avoid, they were DILIGENT in managing and accounting for every detail. My messages were always answered in minutes. I received weekly reports on time each week. The follow up was genuinely fantastic. I met RJ personally and he oversaw the design. I really think he runs that place like a military organization ? We had some issues with a neighbor that was also handled by Opus on our behalf. The budget was pretty well in tact. All in all, great. I will use them again
– Jeff A.
Verified Review
“I went to their office and they had all the guys I needed already working for them and they were GOOD!”
I was doing a large scale job and in my own head I wanted a small company that would give me an amazing pricing and service and Opus looked like a huge business that was going be super expensive. I talked to several contractors and I really didn’’t get the best feeling so I called Opus to see how these guys would approach my job. As soon as I spoke to them I knew this was a real business and I was going to be in better shape. The problem was I needed an architect, designer, permits and so on. I went to their office and they had all the guys I needed already working for them and they were GOOD! Like I thought I was going to get kids out of school or something. These guys were great. Also I found out that Opus employed their own teams they were not using sub-contractors. That made me feel pretty good. Their pricing was actually decent and amazing for the level of quality and service. They did all the small jobs that I thought they wouldn’t want. So I hired them, they didn’’t want a huge deposit and were not concerned about getting 50% up front or anything like that. They were scheduled to finish on the 15th of August and they finished on the 17th and there were a few delays on my part but they kept it pretty well on schedule and the budget stayed intact. They had weekend crews to make up for the rain days when they got slowed down. The interior design team was on hand whenever I needed. The landscapers did exactly what RJ designed. Every morning it was a complete event. It was like watching a fined tuned machine run. I have neighbors who hired construction companies and warned me about using big time professionals and said I should hire their friend or something. I would only use Opus and would recommend to anyone who wanted to use them as well. Jose and Maria
– Maria G

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Verified Review
“It’s great to know there are companies with great morals that still exist”
Honesty is key. One of the most honest companies around. It’s great to know there are companies with great morals that still exist, classy move. I was contacted by the owner of opus, I explained the kind of job that I needed. The owner analyzed the type of job and was really honest with his approach. He advised me that the job was really simple and small he still offered to do the job but was generous and honest enough to tell me that it was going to be a bit more than what I can get done somewhere else for the type of job. I was really satisfied with the way opus handled the situation he was so honest and didn’t take advantage of me. I recommend opus to anyone. Thank you!
– Frank M.
Verified Review
“RJ returned my call within a couple minutes”
I’m in the process of buying my first home. I called Opus One Design Build on a Sunday and RJ returned my call within a couple minutes. I told him what I was looking to renovate in the home, he asked me a bunch of questions to better understand my situation. To make a long story short, he took the time to explain to me my best approach on renovating my place on a lower budget. This company seems big on integrity and doing what’s right. I guess that saying is true “you pay for what you get”
– Kevin S.


Verified Review
“The only company we will use every time we grow into a new market”
Opus has now built us 3 facilities since 2009. We can’t say that each project has gone without a glitch. There has been glitches in each of them. The first project almost 7 years ago was probably more than they had expected in terms of scope. The project just kept growing and growing, and there were several tense moments throughout those 6 months. The second project on the West Coast in 2012 was riddled with zoning issues. The third and probably easiest in terms of scale was in our newest market and was dogged by accessibility. We received numerous street fines for the numerous trucks and work vehicles loaded in the access road. But throughout the entire process Opus were courteous, professional and always available to deal with the situation. They were diligent when it came to dealing with issues. We’re not scared to make those tough calls. And lastly, the finished product is always top shelf. They are the only company we will use every time we grow into a new market. RJ has done a great job with his teams in each market we have retained their services. This may not be the perfect review but it is the truth and we think that is good enough.
– Anonymous Vancouver, BC.
Verified Review
“They generate their business from happy customers who recommend them”
I was referred to them through a colleague. Best choice I made for myself and my family. My husband and I interviewed several builders, and once we met RJ personally from Opus we immediately felt comfortable. Our home is probably one of the nicest in the area and has given us nothing but happiness. Opus were on time and on budget – which we could not believe after all the construction horror stories we heard. We wanted a builder that knows this caliber of home and our expectations were met… I think they generate their business from happy customers who recommend them to others and I am happy to say I will be one of them.
– Sara

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Verified Review
“If you want someone who will be honest with you”
These guys know what true customer service is! I was not part of their customer base and still I got a personal call from RJ because he wanted to make sure I was able to find what I was looking for. He went out of his way to give me advice so I wouldn’t get tricked and pay the wrong price for a shoddy service. If you want someone who will be honest with you, and communicate well on expectations and delivery of your project these are the guys for you!
– Melody C.
Verified Review
“Nothing impresses me easily, but Opus did!”
I had no idea who to hire for the work required on our home. I am a skeptical person as it is. I don’t trust anyone very easily and have heard horror stories. I also didn’t want anyone to ruin my home or do a shabby job. I was worried about maybe paying too much and realizing that I would have to do it all over again because I wasn’t satisfied. My wife encourage me to meet with Opus for our home renovation and something clicked. They were professional and experienced. They knew the answers to the questions and recommended where not to spend money. Once we decided to start the project, they gave us an estimate and a completion date. They hit the completion date and were almost bang on the estimated cost! I work for Financial Institution and nothing impresses me easily, but Opus did! I am now a part time real estate investor and buy and sell homes with my wife and we only use Opus for our rehabs. I can confidently say they are the best!
– Geoff H.
Verified Review
“They did exactly what was promised and more”
After looking at their website and seeing all the data on google – I thought they were probably good but expensive. I decided that at least I would meet them and have them provide a quote on my small project and see how the pros handle this stuff. Well they came over and provided us with so much valuable information that I let them price it out, and found out they were actually very competitive, so we took a shot and had them do it. They did exactly what was promised and more, and always returned my calls, were always on time and, and , and …… They treated my little project like I was a big huge client. Opus is wonderful and I highly recommend them. Thanks Opus Team!!!!!!!!
– Lilly W.


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