The sewer hose as well as the consuming hose should be held split from one another all the time.

The sewer hose as well as the consuming hose should be held split from one another all the time.

saving them within the exact same compartment increases the possibility of cross-contamination.

Camco Revolution vs. RhinoFlex: Whats the difference?

Bearing the Camco title which can be understood into the RV community as being a brand that is top-notch the Camco Revolution therefore the Camco RhinoFlex are a couple of of the very preferred sewer hoses on the market today. But whats the difference among them?

Both are constructed of tough materials and shop effortlessly, nevertheless the Revolution, that is a little regarding the high priced side, has more advanced and heavy-duty features compared to the RhinoFlex.

Camco Revolution hoses are able to spin 360 levels, making it simpler to tighten up connections. The Revolution sewer kit also contains a 4-in-1 adapter that will fit any standard sewer connection.

The RhinoFlex is really a standard heavy-duty polyolefin sewer hose strengthened with steel cable. It’s not as good quality due to the fact Camco Revolution, however it is inexpensive, therefore its more fitted to budget-conscious, regular RVers.

Amongst the two, the Revolution guarantees better drainage all the time. It really is perfect for the greater amount of RVers that are experienced on longer trips.

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How exactly to fix an RV sewer hose?

Even though RV sewer hoses that are most today are constructed of durability in your mind, you cant nevertheless expect them to endure forever. Your selected sewer hose will ultimately neglect to perform its function after deploying it for quite a while. The great news is the fact that you can easily fix an RV sewer hose using the aid of easy steps.

The first faltering step involves rinsing the sewer hose well. Slice the damaged end with the aid of a package cutter. Obtain a cable cutter and employ this to clip the coil that is slinky the inner, which has a tendency to stand out of this end which you have simply cut.

The next move is to utilize your screwdriver in unscrewing the retainer clip. This step is very important in eliminating the bayonet fitting available at the certain hoses end which you take off. You need to then place the suitable once more into the end associated with hose, that has been newly cut. Link the retainer band.

After making certain the ends of this retainer band chair firmly when you look at the retainer clip grooves, you must secure it. You certainly can do that by holding the sewer hose in position then making use of your screwdriver as a way of securing the band.


Given that weve allow you in on what makes a sewer hose a fantastic item, offered reviews regarding the RV sewer hoses that are best on the market today, along with answered probably the most usually expected questions about RV sewage management, you might be well on the way to RVing like an expert.

Remember to focus on each products key features before you purchase an RV sewer hose.

Additionally, remember to look at the advantages and disadvantages so that you may have practical expectations about the merchandise.

We wish that by presenting you this guide which includes reviews of this top options for RV sewer hose, you are able to create a decision that is informed can help make your RV trips really enjoyable and hassle-free.

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